Some people shouldn’t be in charge of the thermostat

There are definitely some people that should never be in charge of the thermostat.

One of those people is the manager in the building where I work.

I don’t know who decided that he should be the one to control the thermostat, but they were definitely wrong. When you run a business, you should try to save money whenever it seems reasonable. Sometimes, you can adjust the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees, and it will save you a ton of money. If I knew that the HVAC technician was doing this, I wouldn’t be mad. However, I know that the manager is not adjusting the thermostat to save money. The manager is only adjusting the thermostat because he has the power to adjust the thermostat, and he wants everyone to know who is in control. For some reason, the manager never wants the central air conditioner to be on. Even though we have a central air conditioner, the manager does not allow us to use the central air conditioner. We are constantly getting in trouble for asking him to adjust the air conditioner, but he tells us that he thinks that the temperature is perfect. We know that isn’t true, because he has a different air conditioner in his office that he uses to keep it nice and chilly. During the winter, he does the same thing with the heating system. He is absolutely cruel with the thermostat, and I don’t understand why. We haven’t don’t anything to deserve treatment like this. I wonder if the CEO of the company would help us put a stop to the way he uses the thermostat to be a jerk.


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