Some things I wish customers knew

Being an HVAC technician for several years now, I have came across some situations while working that could have been a lot less challenging and time consuming on my part, if the customer just knew some heating and cooling basics. It would have saved me time and them money in the long run. Before you invite a contractor over for a quote, consider what your HVAC system offers. What’s working for you? Which rooms are too cold during the hottest days? Which ones get boiling hot when you close the door. Take a look at your power bills. If you’re looking to lower your power costs, focus on energy efficiency. If you want a more powerful system, remember that this will cause your bills to shoot higher. Don’t focus on only brand name units. Don’t put too much weight on name value. So much of a unit’s efficiency is tied to installation. You can take the worst brand, give it proper installation, and it will work great. If its done right, your new HVAC system will purr like a kitten no matter what brand it is. HVAC systems aren’t known for being easy on a budget. But resist the temptation to hunt high and low for the cheapest technician. Cheap isn’t always best and you get what you pay for. Get multiple quotes from different companies before commiting to one. It’s important to look at both experience and expertise. A Lot of variables are involved during installation of a HVAC system and they need to all be considered. A bad installation will cost you more money. The misconception I come across is that HVAC technicians are just that-technicians. Technicians are super smart and have to be certified to handle refrigerants, capable of calculating electrical load, and be savvy enough to design and install smart systems. Make sure you give the pro respect and in return, us technicians will make sure you stay comfy all year around. Knowing these few things as a customer will help both you, and me at the end of the day.

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