Sorry sir, I’m not a handyman

I can still remember years ago when I met my wife’s parents for the very first time and just how awful it ended up going.

Thankfully we are on good terms now that we have been able to get to know one another over the years, but to be honest with you I don’t think we could have started off any worse.

My inlaws are very old school and have never been the type to enjoy the company of people different than them. Due to me being a city boy who knew nothing about country living, I think I was already on this guys bad sad before I even met them. Upon my first visit my father in law asked me if I could help him fix up his air conditioning unit in the garage that had been giving him problems. I told him that would be no problem, but once we started actually working on the AC unit my true lack of HVAC repair truly was getting exposed. My wife gave me a look before I got up to go help that looked like it was telling me to sit my rear end back down, but at the moment I thought it was my chance to impress. Question after question, he was hitting me with all sorts of questions that only a handyman would know, and after what seemed like hundreds of questions my wife finally came to my rescue. Since then things have been pretty bad between us, and I hope that one day will finally come when that old man can look past my lack of HVAC repair skills and manly traits and just give me a chance!

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