Southern Weather is Taken for Granted by Most Southerners

I never lived in the north.

I never genuinely liked the extreme heat of the summer time and I went to visit my sister quite often up north.

It was so appealing up there and I couldn’t guess of anywhere else I would go to if I ever chose to leave the south. My spouse’s task was down south and he always told me he did not mind if I went someplace separate from him for a while, however, he needed to stay where his job was. I found out that the reason he was okay with my going away for a while, was because he was having an affair. I couldn’t guess it took me nearly five years to wise up and dump his sorry behind on the curb. I had to find someplace else to make my home. I called my sister and told her what was going on. She told me that I could just live with her until I got on my feet. I was sad to make the transport and I didn’t even tell my ex I was leaving town. The first month was unbelievable as it was still fall. It was a little cool although I was genuinely comfortable with just a light coat or simple sweater. I told my sister that I would still be using the air conditioner at that time. A month later, the snow was coming down! I had to have the Heating and Air Conditioning plan in the car, running on high as I made my way to work. The oil furnace heating the house but I was not really feeling warm. The thermostat read 70 degrees, but I thought the thermostat was a liar. I kept thinking how Christmas was coming soon and if I hadn’t moved, I would still be swimming in my pool. Instead, I am wondering why I have decided the thermostat is a liar.


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