Space Heaters Vs. Central Heaters

Space heaters are marketed as the amazing machine that will save you money on your heating bills.

What is the cost to run a space heater? There are a few factors that determine the total cost of operating this type of heating system. The most common heating method is forced-air. You can use it with a furnace, heat pump, or solar energy. The most common heat source for forced air is a furnace. Electricity prices and fuel rates still affect the cost of furnaces as they evolve and become more energy efficient. AFUE ratings of 80 or above are the most energy efficient and will be cost-effective enough to heat a small house without a space heater. Look up your electricity cost per kilowatt-hour if you have a large house or an older furnace. You will pay 1.5 times your electricity cost per kilowatt-hour for a 1500-watt plug-in space heater. National average rates are about 12 cents per kWh, so the heater would cost 18 cents an hour. If the cost of running a space heater every night is less than heating the whole house, then it’s cost-effective. The best way to save money is to run your electric space heater as little as possible. In most cases, space heaters are only recommended as a last resort by professionals. When heating the same amount of space, central heating is more efficient than a space heater. However, if your system malfunctions and you cannot afford to fix it or you are renting, a space heater can come in handy to save money. If you use only one space heater in one room, you will save money. Three space heaters in three different rooms all day and all night is going to cost you more than just cranking up the heat.


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