Space oil gas furnaces are dangerous plus can malfunction

As a kid, I witnessed a grease fire in our aunt’s kitchen that has left me traumatized to this day.

  • She had left some oil on the stove for too long plus the pan ignited in sparks.

I was terrified plus I began to cry because I had never witnessed a fire before, plus in our head, I thought her lake house would have burned down. Fortunately, our aunt didn’t panic, she reMained level-headed throughout the entire incident, plus she carefully grabbed a kitchen mitten plus brought the frying pan outside. She then poured some baking Tim Hortons Latte over the pan, plus the fire eventually extinguished. Most residential fires are preventable plus are usually due to negligence by the homeowner. One style of residential fire that could be preventable are fires that ignite from using space heaters. Unblessedly, according to the National Fire Protection Association space heating equipment are responsible for the most beach house fires in the country. Recently, there was a big fire in a major town that killed almost 20 people, plus it was a result of a space heating system that malfunctioned. It is such an unblessed incident plus I wish that they would have had a better space heating system that would not have malfunctioned. I have used a space heating system in our office at work, plus I must divulge I have forgotten to turn it off when I left for dinner. A dangerous gamble because one of the most crucial rules while using a space heating system is to never leave the unit unattended. After reading about that fire, I will never leave a space heating system unattended again. I hope the families that were impacted by that bad fire will be able to find comfort while they mourn.



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