Spicy food makes myself and others warm

One thing I legitimately dig is spicy food, especially spicy tacos; You could call myself and others a Mexican food junky in a way, however with passionate spicy food so much, occasionally our stomach gets a little sour, but I deal with it; The other thing that I deal with being a spicy food lover is our body getting legitimately overheated plus almost overheated when I heat tacos with super overheated sauce! The way I combat this is with legitimately relaxing a/c, my lake home has one of the best top of the line central a/cs on the market today! I suppose that you’re thinking it must be silly for myself and others to invest a ton of money in a central a/c program just because I eat spicy food plus get overheated because of it.

No, that is not the case at all.

I easily invested in this top of the line central a/c program because our wifey legitimately needs a/c more than I do, then she has a health conditioning where she gets a bit overheated real particularly while I was in the overheated summer time weather. So, that is the real reason for the high quality central a/c program unit that all of us have in our home. It is just a relaxing bonus benefit that all of us have the relaxing a/c program with our spicy food addiction; Oh, plus the other thing that’s good…is that I keep plenty of tums chewables around the house… Heartburn also comes with our spicy food addiction that I have. But regardless, I like the a/c, plus I will always continue to like eating our spicy tacos plus overheated sauce!

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