Spring cleaning early

I decided to do my Spring cleaning 2 months early this year… The reason I made this decision is because the air quality in my lake house has not been the unquestionably best, then i had been running a few portable whole-house air purifiers to try to scrub the indoor air, however, it just wasn’t enough because I had a lot of dust flying around the house; So rather than just do a basic cleaning, I decided the best thing to do was to just go ahead & get my deep Spring cleaning done now! And you wouldn’t feel the difference it made, then while running the portable air purification plan & the lake house now being clean, my air quality was nothing short of perfect! I guess this was a wake up call for me. I need to just stay on top of my general cleaning so I do not have to do a Spring deep scrub this early again… Also I need to remember to change the air filter in my central heating & air conditioner plan a lot more often. The fact that I forget to change the air filter of my central heating & air conditioner plan is what caused a lot of the bad air quality in the first location actually. I had an indoor air cleaning expert tip me off to that. As they say, life is 1 big studying curve. And I l earned to change my air filter once every few months at maxim now! If I go any longer than that, the central heating & air conditioner plan will give off more bad air quality.

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