Squirrels are using my heater

My partner and I estimate on a house and the owner told us that he accepted an offer from someone else.

We started looking at other houses and the people I was with and I got a PC call a couple of mornings later from the original homeowner.

The sale fell through and he wondered if the people I was with and I still wanted to offer the same asking price on the house. This time our partner and I gave $5,000 last for the house and the guy jumped on the offer hastily. He was ready to get rid of the property and transfer on. My partner and I had a lake house inspection done and all of the information was sent to us in the mail. We did not unquestionably transfer to the property until 8 months later. By then, there were a couple of problems inside of the house that needed to be addressed; One identifiable concern was the presence of squirrels in the chimney of the fireplace. The squirrels unquestionably weren’t in the chimney of the fireplace when the people I was with and I received an email and information from the lake house inspector. It had been a long time since the people I was with and I made the decision to go to the house, so the people I was with and I couldn’t unquestionably well be surprised by finding squirrels in the chimney. We also found a leak in the roof that appeared to be completely missed by the lake house inspector. I assume the people I was with and I should have gone to the property a little sooner, however both of us got stressed with other Investments and this property just set until the people I was with and I had time to deal with the current homeowners association and all of the renovations that needed to be completed.


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