Squirrels ruining the heater

My wife plus I bid on a beach house plus the owner told us that he accepted an offer from someone else.

The people I was with and I started looking at other houses plus both of us got a iphone call a couple of afternoons later from the original homeowner.

The sale fell through plus he wondered if both of us still wanted to offer the same asking price on the house. This time our wife plus I provided $5,000 last for the beach house plus the guy jumped on the offer rapidly. He was ready to get rid of the property plus move on. My wife plus I had a beach house inspection done plus all of the information was sent to us in the mail. The people I was with and I did not absolutely move to the property until 8 weeks later. By then, there were a couple of issues inside of the beach house that needed to be addressed; One identifiable problem was the presence of squirrels in the chimney of the fireplace. The squirrels absolutely were not in the chimney of the fireplace when both of us acquired an email plus information from the beach house inspector. It had been a long time since both of us opted to go to the house, so both of us couldn’t absolutely well be surprised by finding squirrels in the chimney. The people I was with and I also found a leak in the roof that appeared to be completely missed by the beach house inspector. I believe both of us should have gone to the property a little sooner, but both of us got busy with other Investments plus this property just set until both of us had time to deal with the current homeowners association plus all of the renovations that needed to be completed.

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