Staying organized with family events and HVAC system maintenance

I’ve always been a fairly organized person. I like to plan everything ahead and make sure everything happens on time. Of course, my family takes priority over everything, so if I have something planned with the family I won’t be bothered with anything else. Something that has helped me out with my HVAC system maintenance was getting on an HVAC system maintenance plan. Not only has this saved me a great deal of money, but it makes planning for HVAC system maintenance so much easier. The HVAC company actually calls me and makes sure we set the most convenient dates for HVAC system work. This makes it easy for me to work it into my schedule and if anything important comes up, I can always call them up and adjust the appointment dates. It really is nice having peace of mind knowing that everything is covered with my HVAC system, and knowing that the energy bills will stay low because the HVAC is working at full capacity. All I have to worry about is keeping everything organized and keeping everything on a strict schedule. Another thing I make sure to put on my schedule is my air filter changes. There’s no way I would remember what day to change them if I didn’t write it in my schedule book, so I always write down the days those air filters need to be changed. The HVAC system maintenance plan is great, but they don’t cover air filter changes with my particular plan. Sure, I could upgrade to a more expensive maintenance plan, but I would rather save the money and take care of the air filters myself.



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