Stolen furnace gets me in trouble

About 15 years ago, I found myself in a heap of trouble.

I was hanging out with some friends, and we decided to burglarize a warehouse.

I didn’t even know what items were inside of the warehouse, when we broke the windows and opened the door. When we got inside, I found a bunch of furnace parts. My friends and I were really angry, and most of the furnace parts were too heavy to carry. Since we already broke the windows, we decided to steal a gas furnace. It wasn’t very heavy, because it was the type of gas furnace that needs a tank of propane. If the propane tank had been attached, the gas furnace would have been way too heavy to carry. My friends and I didn’t know that the furnace parts warehouse had cameras, and they caught everything on CCTV. Three days later, my friends and I thought we got away with everything. Unfortunately, the police showed up at my mom and dad’s house. They took me to the county jail in handcuffs, and my friends and I had to talk to the judge. It’s a good thing that we were only 15, because we could have gone to prison. My parents were angry, and community service was the least of my problems. My parents took my television, video games, and even my bed. They made me sleep on the floor for 3 months, while I continued to provide community service for my awful deeds. I never hung out with those friends again, and my mom and dad monitored all of my movement. For six months, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere except School, the library, and home. I definitely learned a lesson, and I’m glad that my parents were tough.
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