Stolen furnace gets me talking to the cops

About 15 years ago, I found myself in a heap of trouble.

I was hanging out with some friends, & we decided to burglarize a warehouse.

I didn’t even guess what items were inside of the warehouse, when we broke the windows & opened the door. When we got inside, I found a bunch of furnace parts. My friends & I were entirely angry, & most of the furnace parts were too heavy to carry. Since we already broke the windows, we decided to steal a gas furnace. It wasn’t entirely heavy, because it was the type of gas furnace that needs a tank of propane. If the propane tank had been connected, the gas furnace would have been way too heavy to carry. My friends & I didn’t guess that the furnace parts warecabin had cameras, & they caught everything on CCTV. Three afternoons later, my friends & I thought we got away with everything, then unfortunately, the police showed up at my mom & dad’s house. They took me to the county jail in handcuffs, & my friends & I had to talk to the judge. It’s a enjoyable thing that we were only 15, because we could have gone to prison. My parents were angry, & community service was the least of my concerns. My parents took my television, video games, & even my bed. They made me sleep on the floor for 3 months, while I continued to provide community service for my poor deeds. I never hung out with those friends again, & my mom & dad monitored all of my movement. For more than five months, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere except School, the Borders, & home. I entirely l earned a lesson, & I’m glad that my parents were tough.


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