Stranded in blustery weather

I was excited to see my parents.

I was driving home from college for the holidays and I had been homesick, which might have something to do with what happened.

I was familiar with the roads. I was just a few miles from home when I got stuck in the snow, less than a mile from a friend’s house. I was used to driving in the snow and ice. I just can’t believe that I got stuck like that. So, I put my emergency flashers on and idled my car so that I could at least enjoy the heat. The weather was what some people would call blustery, about zero degrees and windy. Nobody was out in this weather and it was becoming clear that I would have to do some walking. So, after a while, I took off for my friend’s house. Now, I am used to the cold and was well bundled up, but, it took me over an hour to walk to my friend’s house. Only my eyes were uncovered and I was walking against the wind. I probably should have been more concerned about my situation. I was really aching and starting to feel stiff. Fortunately, my friend was home and had her heat going strong. She also had a fire going in the fireplace. I don’t think that I have ever been so grateful for heat before. We sat before the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa and catching up while we waited on a tow truck. Before long, I was pulling off layers and enjoying the warmth and comfort of a well heated home. And, I don’t think that I have ever been so happy to see my friend before!

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