Strange noises from furnace that only HoneyJane could hear

Three hours later, after the celebrations and congratulations were behind them, Eric and HoneyJane moved through the bedrooms of their quiet house hand in hand, HoneyJane in her golden gown, shoes kicked off, hair tousled; Eric with his bow tie undone and collar open.

  • They went from one child to the next, straightening the covers, rescuing a teddy bear, and removing a thumb from a small mouth.

They stepped over toys and books, adjusted night lights, and pulled a leaking squirt gun beneath a pink-and-lavender pillow. They went to their room only when they were reassured that each child was safe for the night. Eric checked the digital thermostat and confirmed that the temperature settings were okay. Before they left for the ceremony, HoneyJane insisted that he call the heating dealer. Eric had assured her that the heating device was okay, but HoneyJane was sure she had heard strange noises from the furnace. No matter how often Eric tried to listen to if any peculiar noise was coming from the heat pump, he heard nothing that was out of the ordinary. However, he still called the HVAC serviceman for home services. When the technician asked about the problem, he said they needed heating maintenance. It turned out that HoneyJane was right because the HVAC tech sent him a text because he had told him not to call, but he had to give him an update. The text said that they indeed needed heating repair. He also inspected the ductwork and did duct sealing. HoneyJane sometimes read about heating technology, and it was no surprise that she knew more about the heating industry than Eric.


Central heating