Stretching and working out while traveling

I am often traveling, both due to my job and for vacation.

I like to visit new places, explore historical sites and appreciate the natural beauty of the world firsthand.

While I always enjoy my trips, I don’t look forward to the actual travelling aspect of it. Waiting in airport terminals, enduring flights and riding on taxis or buses is awful. The air quality is always bad. I seem to fluctuate between sweating and freezing and most often end up with a headache. I usually wind up dehydrated. I’ve realized that it’s really important to take better care of myself while traveling. I make certain to get a really restful night’s sleep before heading out on the journey. Whenever I can manage it, I bring along fresh fruit, granola bars and healthy snacks. I pack an empty water bottle so I can fill it at the airport. Drinking lots of water is one of the main priorities to feeling healthy at the end of the day. If I’m waiting around at the airport terminal, I use the time to stretch my muscles. Now and then people give me odd looks but the benefits are worthwhile. I don’t need hardly any space to move my head back plus forth, circle my shoulders and rotate my wrists, arms and feet. I perform lunges and squats to stretch my legs and hips. I twist left to right to loosen up my back. I take the opportunity to flatten my palms on the floor while keeping my legs straight for a good stretch. Since I exercise every single day, my body is used to it. Wasting long hours simply sitting around tends to tighten up my muscles and causes me to feel stiff and suffer aching joints. When I reach my end destination, if time allows, I always try to complete a light workout. Working up a decent sweat and getting my body into motion helps me to feel energized and healthy at the end of the day.

Training methods