Study was completed by adding a ductless heat pump

I’m so proud of my oldest child Jo; How Jo has tested her composure, class & confidence living in a home with her young siblings is amazing alone. But the fact that Jo is looking at possibly a free ride to college is just something I couldn’t have imagined. Yet, Jo has spent a great deal of time inside the central air conditioner of the home making sure that her grades came first and foremost. Though it hasn’t been easy given how loud & obnoxious her little siblings can be. They like Jo but they hardly provide her a hour’s peace. And yet, Jo is consistently smiling & trying to look after her siblings. My partner & I decided that Jo needed to be sure that for her last more than one year of high college, Jo had the study space she needed. My pal and I have a finished attic which is very rare. I have no system why the previous owner finished it off with drywall, electrical outlets & an unpainted plywood floor, then we’ve just used it for storage until my friend and I realized that this would be perfect! A quiet & private study spot that Jo deserves. With the help of the local Heating & Air Conditioning professionals, my friend and I had a ductless heat pump installed upstairs. This way, Jo will have proper quality heating & air as she goes for it academically during the end of her high college work. Earning a free ride to college would be amazing despite the fact that I entirely just want her to be able to provide the total effort that Jo wants to give. However, the price of a ductless heat pump is nothing compared to a free college tuition.

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