Studying about the HVAC industry

I am currently in college and I have no idea what I want to get my degree in once I graduate.

  • I have met with my adviser a few times and she tries to help me but I just can’t decide because it’s such a big choice and it could really affect your life later on.

So my adviser and I thought it would be best to take a few different classes about different subjects to see which I like best. I decided to take a class on HVAC systems just to see if the HVAC industry is something that interested me. I walked into class on the first day and it seemed like we were going to be learning all about HVAC systems which at the very least would be helpful to know about for when I own my own house. As we started to learn more about HVAC systems I really started to like what I was learning! I started to talk with my adviser to see what other classes my college offered about heating and cooling. Thankfully, there was a whole HVAC track that would allow me to intern for a local HVAC company at the end. I am excited to have a plan for my life now and I think that HVAC could really be a great future for me! Maybe one day I will actually own my own HVAC company! That would be the dream!

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