Surprised that I got a call back from the place I least expected it from

Out of the all job interviews I have been through recently, I was actually surprised that the worst one was the company that called me back for the job.

All of the places I went to for a job interview were alright for the most part.

I was pleased with the temperature control settings and the air quality was alright so I figured I would enjoy working at those places. When I went to a building that actually had a broken down HVAC system and the air quality was terrible, I still decided to go through with the interview. I was sweating profusely and I felt like I did an awful job in the interview because of it, but now I have been called back. When I went back to the building to talk to the boss, he was telling me how he was impressed that I was able to make it through the whole interview process despite the fact that the HVAC system had malfunctioned. Fortunately, the HVAC was already fixed and the air quality was nice and I enjoyed the temperature control settings. When he told me that I could start first thing on Monday, I wanted to throw a party over the weekend! Of course, I realized that I was entirely broke because I had been out of work for quite some time. I decided to just get some Chinese takeout for my little “celebration” and then I was happy to report to work on Monday. I have to admit, whichever HVAC supplier my place of work goes through must be one of the finest HVAC companies around, because the HVAC is working very well now.

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