surviving flu weather

The new home stinked good & I felt better having done so

The last many weeks have been simply irritated. What started out as a usual cold, or so I thought, turned out to be a respiratory flu. I have been batting it ever since & although I don’t have any congestion anymore the nagging cough is still hanging on. So much so that I no longer have a voice which is really aggravating all on it’s own. My bad hubby has been cleaning & disinfecting every surface of the new home & trying to take care of the new home all this time too. He, fortunately, did not come down with the same thing. I really feel poor for him & when I have the energy I try & wipe up as much as I can myself. I went to the dentist this month for a check up & she asked myself and others how all of us were making sure that no 1 else got sick at home. I told him the steps all of us were taking & she asked myself and others what type of HVAC system all of us had. I told him that all of us hadwarmwater heat & there were baseboard registers throughout the house. She asked myself and others if all of us had cleaned them & I told him I never even thought about it. She said that the germs & bacteria could absolutely grow on these surfaces because they were constantly warm. She recommended spraying them down with a disinfectant when I got home. I stopped at the store & picked up a few more spray cans. I walked around a dowsed each register really well when I got home. The new home stinked good & I felt better having done so. I hope this whole thing ends soon & I can get back to our normal life.

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