Sweet spot with heating system

This Summer I’m going to do my thing, and do it without getting run out of the central a/c of my home.

This is what has happened since my daughters turned into adolescents, and my spouse isn’t any help.

I guess nobody wants to see an old woman dance to old music and then put her feet up in the a/c, I get that. But now that I have the perfect little spot of my own to chill, dance, or just listen to my music I’m taking advantage of every moment. For sure, my girls are the center of my life. And my spouse is my best friend and maybe the best partner ever. But they entirely don’t like it when I want to relax to music. Thankfully, we have a basement and I have a sister who is a Heating and Air Conditioning expert, so we are golden now. All we had to do was sort of clear out the basement, and that was long overdue anyway. Then, we put up some basic interior walks and sheetrocked them, and the space already had electricity and even a water hookup. After my sister and I put in the ductless heat pump, we jumped right on putting in a righteous bar. Then, we stacked it with some awesome speakers, a pair of old recliners, and a beat down couch. It’s nirvana. Boy, that ductless heat pump is identifiably impressive with the way it produces the a/c. It’s blazing hot where I live in the Summer so I’m going to love every minute of the a/c comfort. And I can’t hear a thing from the ductless heat pump, as it’s quiet and I’m loud anyway.


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