Sweet symphony of an air conditioning fan.

Growing up in the rural southeast is quite picturesque.

In addition to the amazing views there is the sweet symphony of cowbirds and hawks soaring high in the sky.

But one of the sounds that I think gets taken for granted the most is the sound of the AC fan spinning on. There’s something about the low frequency hum of the Air Conditioner turning on that soothes the soul of a southerner. I’ll never forget the day I tapped my thermostat screen to cool the house and the sound I love to hear so much remained silent. It usually did take a few seconds to fully activate but I stood there for minutes, waiting to no avail. Unfortunately for me it was not only one of the hottest days of the year so far, but it was also a Sunday, so I knew it would be difficult finding a HVAC company to come out and do a same day repair. I’m so glad I was alone and wasn’t expecting any company because the house quickly became an oversized sauna. If it wasn’t for my homemade iced tea, I might not have made it. I found a local HVAC contractor on google a few minutes later to contact first thing the next day. When the HVAC professionals arrived to service my air conditioner the next day, she told me the contactors that control the electric signals to the system were stuck and wasn’t a difficult repair. She said the problem was quite common especially in the summertime. A short time and a bucket of sweat later, I jumped for joy when I heard that fantastic fan start spinning again. I shook the AC professionals hand vigorously as she prepared to depart for her next service call. I was back to kicking my feet up in the coolest air I had felt in almost twenty four hours.

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