Switching jobs to a hvac technician

I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to switch jobs with someone else. I am currently an accountant at a local heating and cooling company. I have been there for 10 years and one of these days I want everyone that works in the HVAC company to switch jobs just for the day. I think that the heating and cooling technicians should come work in the office for a day and us office personnel work out on the field and try to repair heating and cooling systems. I know that this is a very far-fetched idea but I think it would be very funny if office personnel tried to do the work that heating and cooling technicians perform every week. I really think that it will allow us to understand more about heating and cooling systems. Since I am an accountant and I am just crunching numbers all day, paying bills and doing taxes. If I would work as an hvac technician I would want to know the basics of a heating cooling system. I would want to know what air registers are, where the return and supply vents are, and the different types of hvac air filters are available. I do know a little bit about heating and cooling filters. I know that there are different versions of air filters and grades depending on the type of heating and cooling system you have. If the heating and cooling technicians came to work in the office and worked in the accounting department I think that they would know the simple adding and subtraction, but I don’t think that they would know how to handle certain things when it came to the business money accounts. I think it is a very farfetch idea having the HVAC technicians come work in our office but I think it would be funny!

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