Taking a new task comes with new HVAC method

While I considered the change in climate when took the task up north, I clearly didn’t give that detail the weight it deserved in the decision process.

But it’s a bit too late for that now.

At least, the Wintertide is mercifully over and I’m still alive. There were times where I thought that I just wasn’t going to be able to deal with the frosty and all the HVAC heating. I felt care about all I was doing was prying myself from the gas oil furnace heating at home to get to the zone controlled HVAC of the office and the space gas furnace I have stashed under my desk. It was this endless cycle with about zero changes. Going outside for fun was just not even a option. I simply couldn’t bring myself to even go try ice skating I was so cold. But prior to this winter, I had never even experienced anything remotely care about what this past Wintertide had in store for me. I’ve constantly been residing where the sun shines and the worst section of the year was dealt with by having unbelievable HVAC cooling. So I just had no frame of reference when it came to residing where I just never could get moderate no matter how much HVAC heating I was exposed to. But both of us are going into Summer here and it’s much cooler than what I’m accustomed to. Still not worth having to deal with a six months long Wintertide and all that HVAC heating. But I had the air conditioning tune-up done just in case this Summer produces the level of heat that needs some air conditioning.


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