Taking the portable A/C equipment camping was a smart idea

My little sibling works for an Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation, and they often have contests throughout the month to see who can have the highest sales numbers.

My sibling has never won a single time in more than two years, until last week, however he had the highest number of sales more than two weeks in a row, & he won a portable AC unit. The portable AC equipment is pretty cool. The equipment is 3 ft tall & has more than two separate functions, and you can use the fan by itself, or you can run the AC equipment on high, medium, or low. There is also an additional setting so you can set an actual temperature, but when my sibling & I went camping this past weekend, he decided to bring the portable AC unit, however at first, I thought he was joking, but i did not suppose he would entirely bring the AC equipment camping in the woods, both of us were staying in a campsite with water & electricity, so my sibling wanted to try out the power & function of this portable unit. Both of us ran an extension cord all the way from the power pole into our tent. Both of us sealed up all the doors & the windows & turned on the a/c. It was 94 degrees outside, however the two of us decided to set the a/c to a comfortable 76 degrees. I did not suppose it would work, so the two of us decided to provide the equipment two whole hours to cool the tent. Both of us went down to the dock & fished for perch, brim, & redgill. Both of us did not have much luck, & the two of us returned to the campsite expecting the same results from the portable AC unit. Much to our surprise, the tent was cold & chilly. The portable AC equipment was a wonderful idea.



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