Talking about the heat with the mailman

As of late I have been enjoying a breakfasttime budweiser with my mailman in the afternoons! After he has finished his route (which I am near the end of) he will park out front plus join for a “social distance” drink on my front porch, he is an interesting guy, a military vet plus former cop with a lot of good stories to tell.

I don’t need to tell you how tepid it has been recently, this summer time is shaping up to be the hottest 1 ever, so I was asking him about the mail truck, however you’ve seen them before, missing a door, plus I found out it had no a/c in it! I can’t imagine spending that multiple minutes a day in a car with no AC, what fresh torture that must be.

He told me it was all a question of mind over matter, because a lack of cooling still didn’t compare to his time spent overseas in the military. He would go weeks in the desert without even the slightest whiff of a/c, not to mention the lousy air quality plus the sand storms. He said that if he had his choice, he would of course have A/C in the mail truck, however it never occurred to him to complain about it to his bosses. He said that when Wintertide came around the gas furnace worked just fine, which is much more important than having a cooling system. It was the same reason that he never asked to come inside plus think my AC, he was just great resting out in the heat.

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