Temperature control and energy efficiency go hand in hand

Many people believe that temperature control and energy efficiency aren’t compatible.

This is probably because older Heating and A/C systems are inefficient and are required to run for long periods of time during the day and night.

The problem is even worse in harsh climates where relying on a working air-conditioners or furnaces is a matter of survival. Many people depend on the same outdated Heating or A/C systems year after year to maintain temperature in their homes, office spaces, shopping area and restaurants without ever considering the wear and tear that diminishes efficiency. The equipment loses capacity and requires more energy to produce the same comfort level. The older the system, the worse the impact of time and build up of contaminants. The less efficient the system and the more costly the monthly bills. So, by attempting to save money by living with an outdated Heating or A/C system, these people end up paying even more in the end. The way to avoid this problem is fairly simple. Just keep up with the new technology. When it comes to heating and cooling, this is a good investment. Staying current with Heating and A/C innovations translates into real savings on energy bills. It also means a smaller environmental impacts and greater sustainability. Smaller, more efficient systems use less energy, create fewer emissions and last longer than older, energy-drawing Heating and A/C systems. Protect your wallet and your environment and consider a new Heating or A/C unit every ten years.

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