Temperature control makes a difference for focus and concentration

When I was in school, I began having some difficulty concentrating and staying focused.

I tried everything I could think of to resolve the problem.

I bought vitamins and supplements, studied at various times of the day and in differing locations. Nothing seemed to help. I was on the verge of giving up and dealing with the fact that my concentration had diminished to around twenty-minutes of focus. Then there was a day in January when I found myself productive for quite a long stretch. I produced some of the best work I had done in a long time. What was different? I figured out that it was the result of the temperature: I had been reading in warmer environments which caused mild exhaustion. However on this chilly day, my energy was better focused on the task at hand, simply because I felt cool. I realized that the heating system in the library where I had been doing work wasn’t operating at full power that day. The room was down to sixty-seven degrees Farhenheit. I also discovered that sixty-seven degrees was the perfect setting for my focus and concentration. So, from then on, I set our gas furnace to run on low in the fall and Winter. The air-conditioner runs on high during the Spring and summer. My grades have improved significantly and I have been more productive all around. I now make HVAC maintenance a priority and have found a licensed HVAC contractor for the task! I now recognize the importance of HVAC for everything from comfort to and concentration.

Heating technician