That air conditioner was just what I needed

My husbandy’s birthday is the day after Christmas.

  • It is undoubtedly hard getting him gifts for both events and separating the 2.

I usually get tons of little gifts or 1 big present that I suppose equates both a holiday and a birthday. This year, I am going to surprise him with a tropical holiday. I figure I have enough stuff there to be both a Christmas and birthday gift, and first I will get him a plane ticket. I suppose the cost of that and perhaps the rental car could be a birthday gift. The Christmas portion will be all the excursions I have planned. The two of us are going to pet stingrays, kayak and do a boat tour. The only snag is that I need to rent a house on the beach for the 2 of us. The house is not cheap, especially if you want it halfway decent. The weather is going to be in the 90s everyday. I want quality AC, a great shower and a nice bed. In order to get cooling and all those luxurious, you need to pay. I can’t undoubtedly afford to get the nice house with great AC separate from a little help. I am already quite deep money wise in the trip; Can I ask our husbandy to pitch in money for his gift? I already am tackling the rental car which is not a fun thing to get. I could undoubtedly handle everything if the people I was with and I did a cheap motel. But, I guess our room will be small, possibly dirty and will only have a window cooling unit. It will be irritated.

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