That was a big joke

I started a new position at a company last week, and I really love it! Not only is the pay better than I had before, but it is in an office building downtown in the city. One thing I dig about it is that you have to ride up in an elevator every day. I mean, I believe I could take the stairs however that would not be as awesome as riding in that big old elevator! Anyway, I do really love most of the things about my current work that I do at this huge high rise office building, but however, I will mention that one of the things that I don’t adore is the way that the building management team handles their heating and cooling needs. I believe that my office is constantly too hot with heating instead of cooling. I never believe that every single last one of us do not have quite enough air conditioning in the building, and the air that does come out of the air vents all feels lukewarm in temperature to me instead of freezing cool like I would prefer. I am someone who greatly needs air conditioning in order to be comfortable all together… And the way the office is set up, I’m not able to adjust the thermostat on the wall in the office at all. It seems as if all the people around here are good with the temperature the way that it is, so maybe it’s just me. But I’m having a strenuous over the top rough time concentrating on some of my works because I believe adore I’m consistently too hot. I’m thinking about getting 1 of those little portable A/C units to go next to my desk if they will allow me to do it.

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