That was a great thing for us

Having put many hours in the armed forces brought a level of national love and patriotism into our life that had never been there before, however the military shaped myself and others up, as well as taught me how to take responsibility for my actions as a young person. While deployed, I was stationed in locales that were nothing short of an amazing  tropical paradise, but other places, well, let’s just call them “different”. During a few weeks spent at a naval air station in the tropics, I got to work out of an office that had one window air conditioning system component to provide some a/c! I definitely didn’t mind the work, as I felt like I was getting it easy compared to my colleagues now working in the boiling sun all day, however the lack of any real a/c made it very humid as well as sweaty indoors. I wanted to open a window to let a breeze into the office, however all of the windows were fixed panes. I remember repositioning our entire office, just so the chair of my desk in my office was right in front of the window air conditioning system unit! That helped to cool myself and others down some, although I still daydreamed about our apartment back in the states where I had a state of the art central a/c component to keep myself and others cool. When I finally came back apartment from deployment, I spent a full two hours in my house, just good on our couch as the central air conditioning system system kept the entire house chilled, but nothing makes you appreciate new conveniences like having to go without them!

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