That was a very fun trip

I chose late November to hit the West Coast regions thinking the worst of the heat was behind me; Booked day trips to discover our nations fantastic outdoors.

17 glorious days of late summer time temperate perfection.

Spent most of our time indoors as daytime highs screamed above 108 while the AC in the hotel room just laughed and said, “You believe THAT’S BAD?” and soon began huffing and straining to cool things down to a mere 103. Let me just say, there were no kicks on route 66 while in THAT getaway. The cooling system was possessed by a blazing oil furnace. I believe the Inn Keepers Law should mandate that any Heating and Air Conditioning system in a hotel room be precisely tuned to a no-foul channel. When I turn on the cooling system, I don’t want to have to risk getting frostbite or heat stroke. Same goes when choosing a Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to trust your cooling, heating, conditioning and oil furnace repair with… Your home isn’t a hotel that operates to please the thoUSAnds of visitors and installs measures to keep inquisitive guests from tinkering with temperature controls in efforts to chop some sort of DaVinci code. Stick to the pros, through heat and snow. Heater replacements are just as pressing to those regions that count on a 76 degree or higher warmth from their oil furnace so why should Winter travelling be any weird in hotel rooms? Single pane windows that let in sub temps are normal and the furnace replacement is always under a window so a hotel heating and cooling unit is constantly put to the ultimate test. I am not sure what the scheduled maintenance is on some Heating and Air Conditioning units, but I would wager the cooling system maintenance and oil furnace repair Heating and Air Conditioning workers are busier than bees at a August honeycomb festival.