That was such an issue

It is nice to have family that lives in the Tampa area.

My sister has lived there for nearly five years now.

Whenever my friends and I head to Tampa for a long weekend, we stay with her. We live in St. Augustine, and it is nice to be able to have someplace to stay overnight. She always seem to enjoy the company and she allow us to crash there for free. Often times, my sister will even cook us a nice meal before going home. There were several times when she would come along with us. We can find tons of activities between Tampa, Clearwater Beach, and St. Petersburg. She lives in St. Petersburg directly across from the agricultural college. St. Petersburg is such a great place to visit. We get to go to the clubs where they always have live music. They have many bars where there are rock and roll bands and some that are country. We tend to do a lot of bar hopping just for the music. I want to move to St. Petersburg some day, but first I need to finish school. The St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater Beach area is huge and I know that I will be able to get a good job that pays well. I’m hoping for a teaching position and having my master’s degree will make that much easier. I’m sure my sister will allow me to stay with her until I can find a job, save up some money and get an apartment I can afford. Maybe I will find someone who just needs a roommate.

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