That was what I expected

After my husband and I got a divorce, our youngsters were confused and distant with us; they did not understand that we weren’t going to live in the same house anymore; I wanted to take them somewhere special, and spend some quality time with both of them! All of us decided to go to one of the theme park resorts nearby. The rooms were very high-priced, but the youngsters enjoyed the loads of  amenities the hotel provided. There were a total of five on the resort grounds, and the youngsters had breakfast with cartoon characters every morning. I loved our suite, which had several study rooms and several washrooms. I had a study room and washroom of our own, and the youngsters had a study room with several small single beds. The resort Suite was set up nicely, and each one of our study rooms was equipped with its own heating and air conditioning unit. The heating and air conditioning system was much older than the modern accommodations, but it still worked very well. All of us did not use the heat much while the people I was with and I were in our stay, but the A/C ran all afternoon and all night. Even the youngsters kept the air conditioner running all night. It was nice to set the air conditioning unit to a very low temperature, and have no complications about the electric bill. All of us stayed for three  nights, and I spent a mass amount of money. Everything is high-priced in the theme parks, especially when you have small children. The youngsters and I had a great deal of fun though, and I suppose the kids and I needed those days to get away from the house.

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