The a/c has all of the power

Back when I was in high school I went through a phase when I was one hundred percent addicted to video games. I would wake up early to play video games before school, daydream about playing video games at school, and then play all night until my parents would come in my room and shut it off. Notice how I said that this phase only lasted for a year. The reason to this is because my parents are very smart and resourceful people, and they knew how to get me out of my bed and doing something more productive than just playing video games. We had split heating in our house at the time, and whenever I would come home from school and begin playing my video games my parents would adjust the heating and cooling unit to be so hot and humid that I couldn’t stand it. After two weeks of them using the split heating against me, I started to just go to the library after school instead of coming home. Sure i couldn’t play video games there, but at least there would be free air conditioning and I wouldn’t have to worry about sweating to death in my own room! Due to spending all of my free time outside of my room out in the public I began to find myself making more friends, and even my grades started to improve! Looking back on it now as an adult, I am so thankful that my parents used the heating and cooling unit to get my lazy teenage butt off of the couch and out into the real world!

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