The A/C in my hotel room wasn’t even working

I had to go out of town recently and the hotel that I had to stay at was completely miserable.

The temperature outside was boiling and I was looking forward to getting into a nice hotel room and turning the A/C machine on full blast.

That’s the most substantial thing to me about hotels when I am choosing where to stay when I’m away from my residence. I truly don’t care much about the thread count of the sheets or the water pressure or the breakfast buffet or anything of that nature… No, the only thing that truly matters is having a good A/C machine in my hotel room. Well, when I booked the overnight stay at the hotel near the locale where I was working, the reviews claimed that the locale had a great heating and cooling machine. They even said that the bathrooms had radiant heated floors in them. Radiant heating floors didn’t really matter to me, however the A/C machine was something I really cared about! And even though the reviews had said that the A/C machine would be excellent in my room, it definitely wasn’t. The A/C machine in my room wasn’t running in the least when I got to my room, and it was particularly boiling and stuffy in there. I messed around with the temperature control equipment for a long time however it didn’t make any difference at all. It turns out that the entire Heating and A/C machine in the hotel room was not working. Worse than that, they didn’t have another vacant room that they could move me over to!

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