The A/C system wasn’t cooling my house

I have a bit of an issue with worrying.

Whenever I see an issue, although I know it is unlikely to end up extremely bad, my paranoia ends up getting to me and I can’t help but to fear the worst. This makes my life difficult sometimes, and I have decided to see a therapist for my worries. A recent example is my cooling device. My air conditioning unit is still fairly new, and for all of the years I’ve had it, it has worked extremely well. However, I noticed about a week back that it wasn’t cooling properly. As in, the A/C vents would have cooling air coming out of them, but my house was taking several hours to actually feel any different. Naturally, I feared the worst. I started thinking of all of the potential problems, and my mind immediately hyper focused on the idea of having to get a HVAC unit replacement. I knew updating your HVAC device was incredibly expensive and there was no way that I could afford an expensive repair bill like that, which then led me to worrying about how I would afford such a bill, and then when I realized I couldn’t that led me to worrying about how I would go on without a heater or air conditioner. I decided to put my mind at ease and call a heating specialist. The cooling specialist went right to work, and to my great relief, he told me it was just a ductwork problem. Holes in the ductwork were causing air to escape, which is much cheaper and easier to fix.

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