The A/C wasn't cooling enough to get the apartment cold

Life in the bayou is miserable when the A/C is not working. I have had to endure problems with the A/C for the past 2 years. I finally decided it was time to upgrade the device last year. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made. At the point when I chose to upgrade, the A/C was barely cooling the apartment at all. It wasn’t getting parts of the apartment cool plus some of the problems were due to older air duct. I upgraded the air duct when I hired the business to complete the work on the heat pump plus the cooling system. After making the upgrades, I noticed a significant increase in the airflow in our home. The biggest issue with heating plus cooling in the beach apartment turned out to be the air duct. The business told myself and others that there were parts of the air duct that were missing entirely. It seemed care about the previous owners might have had an issue with mice. The business assured myself and others that he did not see any evidence of mice inside of the attic or the air duct. The concern was entirely from someone else plus not me. I have one week of Summer left when I upgraded everything in the apartment plus that week of Summer was the coolest week I have ever spent out here on the water. It felt care about I was inside of a hospital or laboratory. The air was fresh, clean, plus ice cold. I was equally impressed with the HVAC system after I used the heat pump for the Winter season. I never had to lower the temperature in order for the apartment to stay warm.

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