THE AC THAT SAVED MY LIFE: The Reality of Heat Stroke Hit Home.

One day, I pushed Mother Nature to her limit, and she scolded back.

It was soon after I stepped inside after a long day of weeding and aerating.

I slammed back a glass of tea only to feel a queasy sweat overtake me. The room blurred leaving enough time to crawl to the AC before I succumbed to a fit of heat stroke. It lasted mere seconds. The AC effortlessly cooled my core temp and had me up in no time. Had that air conditioner not been programmed to hit the correct temperature, I think something dire could have escalated. I was a bit unsteady on my feet for a few hours. These are the little things we seldom think about when choosing a cooling and heater installation and should be in question discussed with your HVAC provider. Where to have vents, in floor or higher, a central HVAC system or room specific? Can you bundle a furnace service call into an air conditioner repair? If the HVAC business you use is trying to give you the “business”, then it’s time to leave them in the cold and find a trustworthy HVAC technician because mine quite possibly saved my life. If you’re looking for a career, consider the HVAC business. If something as simple as a properly set installed thermostat can help save someone from further illness, isn’t that a great motivator to consider a place among the best HVAC providers? Learn a great trade while on the job, from heater installation to air conditioner service. The comfort of someone’s family is depending on YOU to make their house a home. Cooling, heating, duct work and HVAC are all in demand. I might consider giving up gardening and grow into a new branch of health care myself. The HVAC business.

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