The air conditioner in my car is beginning to make some weird noises

I hate that I don’t know anything about fixing cars.

When it comes to vehicles, I am completely clueless.

I know how to change my oil, change the spark plugs, and grease fittings, and that is it. I don’t know how to do anything else. It honestly is my fault that I don’t know how to fix cars because my dad is a mechanic that offered to teach me things. Since I declined to learn, it is now my job to pay someone else to fix my car. Recently, the HVAC unit in my car has been causing me to become concerned about my vehicle. When I bought this car, the air conditioner was amazing. The air conditioner in my car would literally freeze you out of the car if you turned it on the highest setting. Lately, the air conditioner has been struggling to cool down to temperature during hotter days during the summer. It will take 15-20 minutes to reach the temperature on the thermostat when it only used to take 2-5 minutes. Once the air conditioner starts running at its highest temperature, the air conditioner will make these strange whooshing sounds while I am driving. One time, the air conditioner even started spraying chunks of ice out of the vent. I am concerned about this because air conditioners aren’t cheap in cars. Fixing an air conditioner can cost you thousands of dollars, and I frankly don’ have enough money to pay for that. However, I also don’t want to drive a car that doesn’t have an air conditioner. I don’t know what to do.