The air conditioner stopped working during a business convention

I love my job a lot.

I can’t imagine working for any other company, though I used to work for a lousy one just a few years ago.

I work for a multi-level marketing company that sells health products for those who would like to purchase natural products rather than the heavily processed and chemically-infused stuff that we have in our stores. Every year, we hold a large business convention for those in our company, and I was invited as well. Everything seemed to be going well until the air conditioner stopped working. The speakers were all doing well and excited, but I could tell that they were becoming uncomfortable with the heat and lack of air conditioner. In fact, without the air conditioner, we were all beginning to sweat. We still had a few more hours of this convention for the day, and we didn’t want to experience it like this. The location owners called an HVAC repairman, and he quickly came to the building and began trying to repair the air conditioner. After the end of the next speaker, we noticed that the vents were beginning to blow out cool air! Someone ran to the thermostat to turn the fans on the highest level. Apparently, the HVAC repairman was successful in repairing the air conditioner, and now we could get back to our business convention in peace. This was good because we had a few more days in this convention, and we needed the air conditioner. Without it, most of us probably would have gone home! Thank you, HVAC company!