The air filtration system was an easy product to market

I work on the PC as a concernshooting serviceman

I’ve had a lot of tasks since I was a kid. Some of them have definitely been more fun than others. I worked in a burger joint plus I worked at a taco stand. I worked at the grocery store plus the supercenter. I also had a task where I had to sell air filtration systems. The air filtration system was an easy product to market. The air filtration system was set up to help the people inside of the beach house with the removal of allergens, dust, plus dirt. It was entirely straight-forward to sell the products to the buyers after the two of us came out to the beach house plus told them how bad the indoor air was. Both of us showed them the levels of pollution inside of their home plus made them believe afraid for their lives. It was a genius marketing technique plus it worked entirely well. I made $100,000 that year. I lost the task when the company went belly up. It particularly turned out to be a Ponzi scheme, however I did not know that when I was working there. Now I work for a company that sells air filtration systems, but it’s not a sales task. I work on the PC as a concernshooting serviceman. The people that buy these air filtration systems often have concerns plus they need to concernshoot the troubles. They call myself and others plus I help them with a variety of troubles that have to do with the air filtration systems, air filters, plus air cleaners. It’s not a task that has going to make myself and others several figures, but it’s decent.

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