The air quality being poor messed me up

When I was just a boy I became obsessed with having fresh indoor air conditions.

I used to have night terrors about the air making it difficult for me to breathe.

I would slowly suffocate plus die, but as an adult I have every air quality product known to man I own a dehumidifier, humidifier, UV air purifier plus HEPA filters. I even invested in UV lights for my AC equipment. All of this was to stop my fear of having poor indoor air quality. I feel where this fear goes from. I gotta watch my father die of cancer in the hospital. I was too young to understand what the illness was. I just knew my papa was not feeling well plus this would be the last time I would see him. I remember the ventilator devices they were keeping him on. I knew the machines were what was keeping him breathing. I found out later that cigar smoking plus awful air had hurt his lungs plus that is why he needed the ventilator, this is why I started freaking out plus got afraid. I became obsessed with disinfected air vents plus air duct cleaning. I also went into the Heating plus A/C field plus I have a real certification in air quality equipment. I understand that ideal ventilation is not enough to get rid of poor indoor air. As a boy, I thought if the technology was advanced enough, it would work plus I would never get ill. Secondly, there are several more facets at play than just air quality.

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