The air vent echos

The bathroom in my house is pretty interesting.

Now, how can a bathroom be “interesting” you may ask? Well, the bathroom has all kinds of things you wouldn’t think of.

First, we have radiant heated floors in our bathroom. This keeps everyone in our family warm when they take showers on those really cold mornings. There’s nothing like having the natural good heat coming from the floors! It really makes a difference. But, the radiant heated floors are not the main interesting thing. It’s actually our air vents that make things pretty interesting in our bathroom! Anytime you talk, the air vents cause this really strange echo sort of effect. I guess it’s the way the air vents reflect off the tile flooring in the bathroom maybe? None of us have ever been able to figure it out as to why the air vents in the bathroom cause this echo. It’s a really interesting factor all around. I have a theory that maybe it is all because of the way the bathroom itself is laid out. Maybe with it being a full tile bathroom (even the walls), the air vents reflect off the radiant heated floors and cause a bounce back echo. As I said, it is very strange! I do enjoy the radiant heated floors in the bathroom though, and me and my wife have actually thought about having the whole house done in radiant heated floors as well. It’s all about having the money to do it though…that’s the main issue. Someday, we’ll be able to get the whole house done in radiant heated floors I believe!


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