The apple festival wasn’t much of a festivity

I recently took my granddaughter to the apple festival.

  • Normally there is a very festive feeling at the apple festival, but not this year.

The ponies didn’t seem to want to give any rides. The people who drove the truck for the hayride were so miserable that you could tell they didn’t even want to be there. I was really upset with the atmosphere and all I wanted to do was go home. My granddaughter was shivering and she wanted to go to the car so we could turn on the heater. A frigid wind was blowing and everyone was freezing other than those who stood near the blast furnace. Once we got back into the car, I quickly turned on the heat and we began to get warm again. She had her hands out so she could feel the heat coming out of the air vents. I asked her if she was ready to go home and she gave me an emphatic, ‘NO!’. We ended up going to the pet store. We walked around the pet store so she could look at all of the pretty birds and then at the hermit crabs. She said the heat felt good, but she really wanted to buy a bird. We already had six cats and two dogs, and I was not going to take a bird home. I told her it was too cold and our car heater didn’t get warm enough to take a bird home. She bought the story, but I have a feeling that on the next warm day, she will want to go back to the pet store.

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