The best investment

A good friend of mine decided to become an HVAC technician a little while back.

When he approached me and got to talking to me about investing in our own HVAC business, I was intrigued.

He was telling me that we would run the business 50/50, though I didn’t know the first thing about the heating and cooling industry. He said it would be relatively easy to learn, and I didn’t have to get out there in the field or anything, I just had to be a good boss. So he talked me into it and we got a nice little company going. We started out in this little warehouse where we had the proper tools, various parts, and new HVAC system components ready to go. We had a few HVAC company vehicles and we hired a bunch of HVAC professionals to get started. It seemed that business was a little slow in the beginning, and I just was learning everything I could in the meantime about heating and cooling technology. It was all really fascinating to me and I was thinking it would be a good idea to goto a trade school to become HVAC certified. In a few months, our business really took off and our HVAC professionals were great with the clients. We received excellent reviews and we put together a nice website to bring in more clients. I also did end up going to a trade school and eventually I became HVAC certified. Now I knew a lot just like my fellow workers, and I was glad I invested in this profitable HVAC company!

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