The best kind of suit for working out

Women’s swimsuits are usually the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

Their ties always go around the neck, the material is light & the cups don’t really hold your boobs.

I recently found an athletic swimsuit business that makes an almost comfortable suit. The material is of better quality & the suits are cut almost like sports bras. Before buying I read some reviews on the suits & was content by what almost everyone said. But, I observed the women buying these suits are really fitness oriented, and some women run in swimsuits to then swim in the water. Some women do paddle boarding, kayaking or laps in the pool. Now that I own a couple of those suits, I see where they would be perfect for physical activity, for the first time in my life I am thinking of working out. I literally have the outfits to do water based activities. I don’t know how I will like paddle boarding or swimming in the ocean. I suppose I will start out fresh & either do laps in the pool or maybe try kayaking, everything I see online sounded great about a kayak based workout. You get to work your arms, shoulders & back muscles without legitimately hurting them! A lot of people get a waterproof speaker & listen to tunes too. I would need to invest in a kayak as well too. I am worried that I might not commit to my work out plan though. So maybe I shouldn’t spend that much cash.

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