The big April Fool’s joke

On April Fool’s Day, one of the local companies decided to pull a joke on the community.

Unfortunately for them, the April Fool’s joke was turned around to be a joke on them.

They were advertising that anyone who guessed the correct amount of snow to fall on that day, would get a lifetime maintenance agreement on their air conditioning system. No one expects to have snow in April, at least not where we live. Snow in winter is an oddity. Most people just laughed and ignored the ad, but there were about one thousand people wrote in and gave their prediction. There were a grand total of one hundred sixty-five people who guessed two inches of snow. By midnight on April 1, there was two inches of snow on the ground. The HVAC dealership tried to not have to follow through with their agreement. They said the snow had to be on the ground in the morning. One very astute customer, who happened to also be a lawyer, went through the ad and noted there was no definite timing, pushed the agreement. The HVAC company had to follow through with their offer of a lifetime maintenance and repair agreement on all 165 customers who guessed two inches of snow. This year, we didn’t see any April Fool’s jokes from any of the local businesses. After seeing the HVAC company making a fool of themselves, they didn’t want to follow suit. The HVAC company wouldn’t feel so foolish if they hadn’t tried to renege on the deal and not give the service offered to any of the contestants.



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