The building contractor gave us a reasonable price

I thought it was going to cost an arm and a leg to add another bedroom to our home.

My Mom and Dad remodeled the deck and they spent a small fortune.

I was convinced that we would not be able to afford such a lavish upgrade, but I didn’t mind letting my wife call a few building contractors to get an estimate. I didn’t think we could afford to make the changes and I didn’t anticipate the project to be affordable. When I found out the prices, I had a hard time talking my wife out of completing a project. She wanted to add the extra bedroom for years and a small windfall of money had her itching to complete the project. I wanted to use the money to buy a small boat. We spent every weekend on the lake and a boat would have been nice. After receiving estimates from three different building contractors, I didn’t have any reason to say no to the project. I let my wife choose the building contractor that gave her the best vibe. All of the prices were close to the same range. I never thought that my wife and I would be able to afford to add more space to our home and I’m glad that she wanted to get an estimate. The building contractor gave us a great price and the new addition will probably add a lot of value to our home if we ever want to sell the place in the future. Calling a contractor was a solid choice.


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