The business did not tighten the toilet

My wifey and I moved into a current new home last week.

The seasoned toilet was supposed to be upgraded before all of us moved in, however the manager told us, it was on backorder, but my wifey and I did not want to wait to transfer into the apartment, just because the toilet was old, so all of us decided to transfer into the current home in the current condition, then a few days later, the manager contacted me and said that the current toilet had arrived… She asked when the best time was for the plumbing maintenance to install the toilet. My wifey and I did not care if all of us were at the current home or not while in the time, so I told the person that having the toil done while in the day was legitimately the best for us. The next day the manager had the toilet installed while my wifey and I were at work. There was a note on the door alerting us that the toil was finished. I had to pee as soon as I walked through the door. I sat down on the toilet and it shifted under my butt. I almost peed all over myself, because the business forgot to tighten the toilet. It was seriously loose. My wifey grabbed a wrench and tightened all of the nuts. I contacted the current home manager and I told her that the plumbing business did not tighten the toilet. If there were long-term problems because of the toilet, I did not want my wifey and I to be responsible. I do not suppose if the manager ever contacted the plumbing maintenance to complain.

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